Kayak Session Numéro 55


Kayak Session Numéro 55

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LOST VALLEY OF THE MERCED: Paddling in the heart of Yosemite National Park

Steve Fisher, Pat Keller, American Whitewater, and the opening of Yosemite National Park to whitewater kayakers: The story of three most likely of characters to make whitewater history.

INTERVIEW – Anup Gurung

A Nepali paddler with an unquenchable drive and passion for paddling, Anup Gurung is a solid class V paddler who now owns a rafting and kayaking company in Iceland. When the earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, Anup went back with skills, determination and aid that his country desperately needed.


The NFC once again drew some of the world’s finest paddlers to race against each other and the clock on the formidable rapids of the North Fork Payette in Idaho. Progressing from an edgy event that seemed on the fringe of what’s possible, four years later the NFC has now solidified its place at the leading edge of extreme racing.


Stand up paddling has now made its debut and we all have our opinions on whether it’s cool, fun, awkward or irrelevant. One thing is for sure—stand up paddling brings a new dimension to enjoying whitewater paddling. Whether for class 2 or class 5, stand up paddling adds another toy to the quiver for chasing whitewater fun.


There are no better arenas in the world for big wave freestyle whitewater kayaking than the Lac-St. Jean region and the Ottawa River. When the rivers thaw and explode into bone chilling cold spring-season whitewater, paddlers descend on these regions to push themselves, and their sport, to ever-greater heights.


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