Kayak Session Numéro 54


Kayak Session Numéro 54

Out only May 15th!


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EXPLORE: Borneo-Expedition Through Time

Dense and dramatic jungle, minimal infrastructure and limited information led to no shortage of logistical challenges for a team that recently completed a four-month rolling expedition on the island of Borneo.


Joe Morley has made a name for himself as a winning machine within the extreme racing circuit. The combination of fierce competitiveness and sharp, ever-ready Brit sense of humor make him a favorite contender both on and off the water.

DISCOVER: Idaho’s Mirage – The Lower Malad River

Hidden amongst the gently rolling hills and flat farmlands of the Snake River Plain in South Central Idaho, the Lower Malad River is an improbable oasis of continuous, blue-green, class IV whitewater.

PROFILE: Mary and Phil DeRiemer

Widely known for their three-plus decades of instructing and guiding, their sunshine bright attitudes, and their endless wells of patience, the DeRiemers are a love story, a kayaker’s tale, and a business model.

DESTINATION: Maipo River – Endangered Paradise

Just an hour outside Santiago, Chile, the Maipo River Canyon boasts diverse whitewater options, a backdrop of the Chilean Andes, and a variety of other adventure sports. Tragically, this outdoor recreation paradise is imminently under threat from a super scale hydroelectric project.

TECHNIQUES with Marianne Saether, Doctor Jessie Stone, Rush Sturges, Eric jackson, Jules Domine



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